TEST Fate Campaign

S01E01 - Pilot

Our session begins with the intrepid hacker Koro Cashenari (otherwise known as Cash) busting into the room of the not-so-intrepid Mr. Thrapstowe, covered in blood, missing one arm and with the Serpentis on his tail. The poor Leonard Thrapstowe is quickly informed that Cash knows of some of his not-quite legal business dealings and that he had better cooperate if he wants them to stay secret. Leo doesn’t really know what’s hitting him here. In fact his main priority seems to be the blood staining his carpet.

At this point fate (eg. the DM) decides to be a little bitch and three Serpentis start knocking on the door, eventually breaking it down. As the “heroes” attempt to escape to Leo’s car a stray bullet scrapes Koro’s arm. They make it out to the fire-escape and Leo, in an effort to not kill any pursuers but slow them down, unleashes a barrage of warning shots.

He fails.


In the unharmed part that is. By now the pursuers are sufficiently deterred and slowed down by seeing one of their mates’ faces exploding.

Satisfied that the Serpentis are now hiding in his room the duo makes their way to Leo’s car. As they get in Cash explains to Leo that he’s going to need a new arm and he’s going to need it now. Leo is still an unhappy traumatized mess, but decides to bring Cash to his business contact, the shrewd Eiluvium (fuck that name, let’s just call him Mr. Meril, everyone does). Leo is not at all happy by the blood staining his fine seats.

We now enter Mr. Meril’s shop, a rackety place where, if you know what you’re looking for you can find almost anything – at a price. Mr. Meril is slightly disappointed by his associates need to drag him into all of this, but sees an opportunity to make a quick buck, so after a while (and after multiple assurances that he’ll be appropriately compensated) he decides to lead the duo to a doctor.

This doctor, a heavily racist Amarr, works out of a “tattoo parlor”. As the group enters the Minmatar guard sitting at the counter notices Mr. Meril and ushers them through to the body shop. A none too sanitary room with a single battered medical chair. Inside the Amarrian doctor jovially greets Mr. Meril and business is conducted. After some talk of cash Cash gets restricted to the chair and sedated. But, Fate (read: the DM) being the little bitch that it is the sedation only half works. It paralyses him all right, but it doesn’t numb the senses. Cash spends an hour in agony as the doctor does his dirty business. He does come out of it with a shiny new golden arm with a hidden blade (Altair called, he wants his schtick back) and a hacking module inserted in it.

A hacking module?

No… Because while he was sedated Mr. Meril took through rifling through his pockets in an attempt to gather some leverage on Cash. Unbeknownst to Mr. Meril Cash saw all of this happening and is none too pleased. A fight breaks out in the waiting room whilst Cash tries to take back his hacking module. The Minmatar guard does nothing but mumble mockingly about how the Caldari can’t throw a punch worth shit. In the end the matter is resolved peacefully by Cash calling his employers over at the Syndicate and confirming that a briefcase with money will be waiting for them in Mr. Meril’s shop. The trio drive back to the shop with a heavy air of hostility hanging in between them.

At the shop two Gallenteans from the Syndicate have just arrived with the cash to get Cash his hacking mod back. After confirming the cash is about double what it cost him Mr. Meril is satisfied and the three start to get ready to part ways. If it weren’t for the Serpentis that is.

See, the Serpentis really want that hacking module back and they’ve been sweeping the streets. Suddenly a group of five Serpentis flunkies see a car. Leo’s car to be precise. A shootout ensues as the Serpentis try to gun down the inhabitants of the shop. The syndicate thugs respond by opening fire. Mr. Meril in return responds by dropping down security plating in the shop windows and gets behind a sentry turret. Cash responds by going into the back room to do some drugs and hack Mr. Meril’s computer and Leo responds by cowering under the counter.

The battle swiftly ends with one Serpentis getting his face completely obliterated by the sentry and the other Serpentis getting shot as the armor plating gets pulled away from the windows again by Mr. Meril. Only one thug survives which Mr. Meril proceeds to try and interrogate, only to find out he’s utterly ravished by pain and needs some drugs to be able to even speak coherently. Cash makes a move to give him some drugs but instead elects to keep the drugs for himself and stab the thug with his hidden blade.

Mr. Meril is naturally none too pleased and Leo almost faints: “You have a hidden blade? Who has a hidden blade? GODS!”. After Mr. Meril is promised some indeterminate future favor and possible Syndicate contracts Leo and Cash leave. Cash intimidates Leo in coming with as his bodyguard and they leave in the ride of the Syndicate thugs, heading towards a Syndicate safe/warehouse.

That ended the session, the players all got a minor advance and at that point it was way too late so the DM went to bed.


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