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Take a spaceport on the back-water planet of Cardi in the Heart constellation of the ORE regions. Like many planets in the Outer Rim this planet is under heavy ORE control, where a few haves live in the walled, well-guarded, centre-city surrounding the spaceport. The have-nots however are resigned to live outside the walls on the arid plains. Their neighbourhoods range from halfway decent (in the outskirts closest to the wall) to what could charitably be described as a puss-filled shithole and can’t be described uncharitably because the censors would have my head if I did.

In the outskirts crime is rampant, ranging from small stuff like evading ORE imposed taxes on food and medicine to all-out gang wars being fought between different clans of Minmatar criminals. The underworld is controlled by three major gangs, the Serpentis Corporation, who mostly deal in high-tech devices and weaponry. The Gallente-led Syndicate, involved in major smuggling operations and drugtrade (and loved amongst the public for the relatively cheap black market medicines and food they supply). And the group that’s only recently came to power attempting to consolidate all the Minmatar gangs under a single leader, mostly known for providing the muscle and ‘security’ of the city. Add to that that the law enforcement is outsourced to mercenaries of dubious loyalty and you end with a place that any sane law abiding man would avoid like the plague.

Not these intrepid ‘heroes’ though. One a brilliant hacker, suffering from the evils of substance abuse. Another a trader with a gambling problem, forced to flee his homeworld due to his massive gambling debt. A Caldari hospital administrator who accidentally’d an important CEO and is on the run from bounty-hunters, making some money on the side as a drug-producer for the Syndicate. A native boy from the planet, wide-eyed and na├»ve, just looking for a thrill. And finally a dropship pilot who deserted from the Caldari State Navy and really doesn’t want to be a criminal, but is blackmailed into it by aforementioned brilliant hacker.

Add to that the ORE blockade on the system increasing to levels where starvation and disease in the slums are becoming somewhat of a problem, which is increasing gang activity because everyone wants a slice of that pie. And rumors going around that two capsuleers have been displaying an unhealthy interest in the planet to acquire the Technetium moons that orbit it. That’s a recipe for adventure, if I’ve ever heard one.

Can these unlikely heroes keep the corporations in check? Do they even want to? Can they figure out what’s causing the increased blockade and draconic tax-increases? Can they put a stop to it, or will they just try and muscle their way in for a share of that money? Can they stop two capsuleers from turning their home to molten slag or will they be able to make it of the planet in time?

To find out more turn in next time in: Days of Our Spacelives (Disclaimer: Space May Not Actually Be Involved.)

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